132 Pearls of Wisdom for Renegade Marketers


Dear Marketers:

Have you ever wished you could get some good advice from peers who are actually doing what you are doing - AND finding success?!?

Welcome to the f.ree series presented by 12 gifted entrepreneurs. Each one, on different stages of their success journey, has insight and encouragement for others on this business journey.

We sat down over the phone, and asked each one the questions below. Be sure to check out there work on the internet with the links to the right. They are passionate about success - their own - and yours!

Video 1: What is your vision for your business and how did you get it, or develop it?

Video 2: What has been your biggest challenge in building your business, and what have you done to meet that challenge?

Video 3: What tools have you discovered are essential for profitability?

Video 4: Share your favorite venue of content creation - and why!

Video 5: What lie did you believe that hindered your business development?

Video 6: What is your target market? Why aren’t you chasing EVERYONE??

Video 7: Share how you promote you - your usp (unique selling proposition) either practically, or the emotional struggle with the concept.

Video 8: Share one tip on how you have “linked up” with others.

Video 9: Share one of your most impacting "AH HA" moments -when things "clicked" - made sense for your business.

Video 10: What training / learning / coaching have you tapped into to accelerate your business?

Video 11: How do you know the most profitable place to put your time, money, and energy into your business?

One thing this group has in common is a hunger for ongoing learning. They all participate in a training resource that I founded in 2004 and is currently led by Wendy Mills. You are welcome to research and join our mentoring community that you will hear these 12 affectionately refer to as The WorksTeam. (More Details below.)

Honored to serve and assist,

Coach Curt
Business Marketing Consultant & Coach
USA: 815-918-4304
New Zealand: 64-21-87-1165

The WorksTeam

The absolute best way to check out our proven training is simply to join the community for free! Click Here.

We teach the skills of a professional marketer that bring the income of a professional:



Partnering and JV's

Long-Term Growth


TEAM Building

Market Research

Niche Finding

Creating Content


The Phone - The Consultative Approach

Leading with Value - your offers

Closing the Sale

List Creation & Management

Multiple Streams of Income

Traffic Generation

PPC - Pay Per Click

And Much More!

Of course as with any member of the WorksTeam, you can get additional help in the WorksTeam group coaching calls and mentoring community blog.

So? You can access the training Ann Sieg accessed and helped develop, AND have the opportunity to interface with those coaches and mentors that she grew her foundation with.

This level of proven training is rare in our industry - but if found, goes for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars elsewhere. How much is the monthly investment to join the Worksteam training and mentoring community?

 $99.00 ? $49.00 ?

Nope - $19.95 per month. We know that is a ridiculously low investment, - BUT please don't take this crazy low price as thinking the value is low.


We at the Worksteam are very proud of Ann Sieg and grateful for her ongoing support of the WorksTeam. This is what Ann has to say about the WorksTeam, Coach Curt, and Wendy Mills, who is leading the WorksTeam in it's new expansion.

"Curt is the best of the best. Curt is an awesome coach and upline that provides clear guided instructions on where to streamline and focus one's efforts. His advice to me has been invaluable for my business.

He has incredible wisdom that is a very difficult attribute to find. He helped me in many of my “dark” hours and through some tough times, including when our windshield business began to collapse. He has integrity off the charts and comes from me highly recommended.

He is also the founder of The Works Team."

“Wendy Mills and I have been long time friends and peers in the attraction marketing industry. When we first met we were already piling on the value for our downline through additional training and mentoring through The Works Team.

Wendy has consistently delivered top quality results-driven training for the past four years. Hundreds of people have directly benefited from Wendy’s leadership and marketing know-how. (I know because a lot of my downline have reached to her for additional assistance. She’s been an awesome upline for me!)

The training she provides supplements any other network marketing training out there including Renegade Professional’s step-by-step process.”

Ann Sieg

We encourage you to join us prospering renegades at the WorksTeam.

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Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo



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Steve Webber



Carol Meade


Debbi Vesey


Sue White