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    Coach Curt has had the privilege
to assist, mentor, and coach many
talented people.  (See Below)

   A coach brings out the best in you -
and accelerates your progress.

   Many years ago I had the privilege
to coach Ann Sieg, before she
became a guru - and now I work
for her :-)
MLM Coach Curt
MLM Coach Curt
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From the desk of Ann Sieg:

"Curt is the best of the best. Curt is an awesome coach and upline that provides clear guided instructions on where to streamline and focus one's efforts. His advice to me has been invaluable for my business. He has incredible wisdom that is a very difficult attribute to find. He helped me in many of my “dark” hours and through some tough times, including when our windshield business began to collapse. He has integrity off the charts and comes from me highly recommended. He is also the founder of The Works Team."

Ann Sieg
The Renegade Network Marketer
CEO - 80/20 Marketing, Inc"

From the desk of Alicia Bausley:

"I'd like to take a moment of your time to convince you of the absolute need for Curt Johnson as your personal coach. I have had the joy of Curt's coaching and consider it a valuable tool. Curt has provided me no-nonsense direction on how to brand myself, bring in my own leads, build and duplicate a team, and given me a sense of confidence in making decisions about my business. Curt is professional, a good listener, excellent adviser and now a dear friend. He has been a blessing to me and I am certain to anyone who chooses to use his coaching services.

Alicia Bausley" - Send Out Cards Distributor

From the desk of Carolin Hauser:
Curt is an excellent Coach, what I like most in working with him is, that he asks me lots and lots of questions which really help me to get clear on where I want to go. So rather then telling me what he thinks is right for me he leads me through a very empowering process of finding answers for myself that are true for me.

In addition to that Curt comes with such a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to successfully building an internet network marketing business that it is impossible not to succeed when under his guidance. He gets two thumbs up from me!

Carolin Hauser"

From the desk of Steve Webber:

Being new to network marketing was a little frightening at first, but Curt's support, willingness to share ideas that work and availability is excellent. I enjoy the same camaraderie and focus working from home as I did when I had national responsibilities and a large staff. My business partners are as close as the phone or Email. Curt has become a good and valued friend.

Steve Webber" - Big Ear Distributor

From the desk of Wendy Mills:

"I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Curt for quite a while now and have learned a lot from Curt over the years. Working closely with Curt has had a big impact on developing the level of marketing skill and success I now have. I also have seen the positive impact he has had on many other people.

Wendy Mills" - Worksteam Trainer

From the desk of Ron Hoehn:

"I have received valuable straight foreword tutoring from Curt. His approach to coaching me in my business development skills has been direct and easy to understand and I have gained knowledge quickly with his advice. Curt has been one of the most valuable tools that I could have discovered in my business growth. He makes coaching seem like a partnership to ones own success strategy. Coaching with Curt has advanced my skills to the professional level I was looking for.

Ronald Hoehn" - Reliv Distributor

From the desk of Daviette Tetty:

"Curt Johnson is a brilliant coach and mentor. He has a divine gift and he shares it beautifully. I received coaching from Curt for about one year. He is a very clear and direct coach - helping me to clearly define my goals. He helped me to understand my natural gifts and to apply them to becoming a leader. I achieved much success because he could see obstacles that I could not. Curt helped me to clarify and overcome hurdles. He then moved further to help me to become a leader for the leaders that were on my team. He is always ready to push me to the next level - as far as I wanted to go. Curt showed me some of what it takes to coach and to mentor. I have been blessed by his coaching and I consider it invaluable. I highly recommend Coach Curt.

Daviette Tetty" - Send Out Cards Distributor

From the desk of Ruth Ann Hall:

"One who can indentify, assess and manage the emotions of one's self, of others and of groups is said to possess a high Emotional IQ. When you add Curt Johnson's innate ability and skill in dealing with others to that quotient, well, you just have to consider yourself lucky to have walked a while with him. I fall out of the MLM realm; I only wish the small business, professional and retail clients I work with had someone as insightful to work alongside. I enthusiastically endorse this dedicated man and Coach.

Ruth Ann Hall" Small Business Advisory

From the desk of Sue White:

"For the past 2 years I have been attempting to create a home based business following the advice of my upline and not being very successful. I had a successful traditional business in the past and could not figure out what I was doing wrong in network marketing. Then I met Curt. He is showing me a long term plan that will work. I would recommend Curt to anyone interested in improving themselves and in building a successful business the right way.

Sue White" -

From the desk of Hanifa Haji:

"Thanks Curt for your coaching services. I've learned a lot from your insightful questions - that is really one of your strengths. You ask the right questions to help ME figure out the answers. That makes me take ownership. Again, thanks!

Hanifa Haji" USANA Distributor