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My good friend has risen to the top in our industry.

Who is she?

Why does she deserve our respect and attention?

I first met Ann Sieg over the phone in May of 2004. She had contacted me online looking for help with her network marketing business. Immediately I knew she had a great perspective on business. She wrote in the contact form: "I feel a true obligation to help my people become successful." Wow - how cool is that. She has forged ahead and fulfilled this hearts desire in a huge way. (For more quotes by Ann Sieg, click here.)

I had the privilege of meeting her face to face later that year. As we continued coaching over the phone, it wasn't long before I brought her into my key mastermind leadership group.

We had a great ride of success and growth in our businesses through 2005 and 2006 and both made some dramatic decisions - I went into full time missions work during that season, and she began work on what would become this Renegade System Phenomena.

This backdrop is just to let you know my perspective and opinion is formed out of hundreds of hours of working together with Ann Sieg on business projects. One of these projects was the development of the WorksTeam. She has since launched into great success for which I can take very little credit. We've maintained our friendship and enjoyed meeting each others families.

Ann is a passionate leader with pure motives. From her first communication with me (above) through these years - it has remained the same. She GIVES to see people excel. What has created this stable and explosive growth is a foundation of core values from which she operates from. These values that we are share are inspire and perpetuate her work. You can listen to an interview I did with Ann Sieg in June of 2008 by clicking here where we discuss some of this. Click here for her personal note to me.

Like many highly successful people, timing usually has a part to play. Ann Sieg brought incredible integrity and business savvy to an industry that was floundering. Old School Network Marketing was languishing under the propagation of hundreds of companies being started using outdated marketing strategies - all while the public in general were weary of mlm practices, and they were finding and using the internet. The timing was (and is) perfect with a new venue available for the mlm world to morph into a new profession. Ann has helped lead the way. She has paid the price. She knows the way, and is rare in the fact that she wants to show others the way!

This wave has really just started. Ann Sieg is leading the way. She charges $1,500/hour at this writing for her time. The good news, anyone looking to develop a home business through the internet can access her wisdom through her offers (see below.)

Primarily, I am working with up and coming leaders - but if you checking out Ann Sieg or the Renegade System for the first time, know you have found a great resource. Below are some of those resources. (If you want to catch up or get on the fast track - pick up the phone and leave me a message on 815-918-4304 and see if you qualify to access my 1 on 1 coaching.)

Ann Sieg's legacy:

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing




"The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing" - This is the ebook that started the shake up of an entire industry. When TRUTH arrives on the scene, it is always met with mixed, but INTENSE, reactions. Read for yourself what started it all - and what LIES you may be in bondage to.


"The Renegade System" - This is the answer to the lies. Philosophically and pragmatically this step by step system points in the right direction for the new breed of professional network marketers to take.

As already mentioned, Ann Sieg & I are good friends. and as a professional mlm success training coach, I use and endorse her strategies, The Renegade System, and incorporate them into my coaching.

The Renegade System is a must part of your mlm success training.



The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto

I make this endorsement with unreserved enthusiasm and confidence because I know her. She is a VOICE and a FORCE that is blowing a trumpet of TRUTH. If you are just now beginning to catch this wave that is transforming an industry, be sure to read through this entire page and quickly acquire Ann Sieg's previous works (above.)